Monday, March 11, 2013

Beautiful city

Buenas dias!
Good Morning!
My name is Joyce Schroer and I have been coming to Mexico and working with Esperanza at least annually and sometimes more often since 2004.  I first came because my husband was so moved by his trip.  I come back because after such a long time I've met such good people that have become family to me. 
Usually our group likes for the first time participants to write the blogs to get their first impressions.  Today I felt a desire to write  to share my perspective having returned here time and time again.
Last night we took Olivia and Ephraim back to their home following the birthday party.  Driving across the ridge we could see out over the city of Tijuana.  Steve (my husband) stopped the van and said, "Look out over the city and take note of the beautiful lights as they twinkle. When I first came down here 16 years ago, there were no homes on this hillside.  See how it has built up."  We were stopped in front of the first house that he built in this community.  An Esperanza home! Then before driving on down the pothole filled dirt road he said, "A wonderful world and a beautiful place.  It is amazing how the darkness masks the poverty."

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