Sunday, March 10, 2013

Déjà Vu

  Nothing smells like Mexico. The slight tinge of a country's potential mixed with the stench of its garbage laden hills. One year ago, my first memory of this pais (country) was the creveces of the hillsides along the frontera (border). Filled with trash from the surrounding areas, these eroded cracks in the earth seemed to be the only option for waste. No trash men. No landfill. No recycling.

  I find myself in Tijuana one short year after my last visit. The hills have turned green and the trash is harder to find. Organization slowly meanders its way into this city. And along with it, hope. Esperanza is a good thing. It's a group of people who believe that giving their time and effort one week at a time can make a difference. God works in this place and through these people. I'm glad to say this is my second year participating. I only wish I could stay here for the duration of the trip. Despite my early departure this year, I know this group will find chemistry and provide a great service this week in Tijuana. They're off to a good start already!

[Jourdon Leymon, 2012 Graduate of Muskingum University, Currently visiting Tijuana from La Quinta, CA]

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