Monday, March 11, 2013

Mexico Sweet Mexico

My name is Rachel DeLuca and I am a Junior at The College of Wooster. This is my second year with Esperanza and this year I am the student leader for the trip. Last year I had a fantastic time so I felt that it was important to make sure that more Wooster students came on the trip this year. I love Mexico so much because it makes me very happy. The people here are so genuine and special. Volunteering is an important part of my life and the work we do in Tijuana is life changing for everyone involved. Today our group split up into 2 groups. One crew worked on digging a 5 cement block deep footer for a house foundation and then other group worked on preparing for a roof to be poured. On friday, our entire group will be at this second site helping with the roof. We think it'll take about 45 bags of cement!!! If you don't know construction lingo, this is a HUGE amount of cement, but we can do it! The rooves we usually pour here take about 10-12 bags of cement. I was at the site digging the footer and we had a great time listening to Mexican music and completing the job. The job site had a beautiful view of the ocean and rolling green hills. After a hard day of work, we all returned to the posada and had a quick warm shower. After relaxing a bit at the posada, we headed to our favorite taco stand for dinner. Muy delicioso! (Very delicious!) Now it's time to head to bed so we can be ready for another day of hard work tomorrow.

All the best from Tijuana,
Rachel =)

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