Sunday, March 10, 2013

First 2 Days in Tijuana

Name: Tara Abhasakun

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Occupation: College of Wooster student, freshman

I write this blog post on my second day in Tijuana, Mexico (I think I spelled it correctly??). So far, I am in love with this place. The people, even those who pressure us into buying their products and make us feel super awkward if we don't, are so friendly and so wonderful. At the grocery store today, a store-worker walked up to Emily to help her decide which chili sauce to get, and which one was the spiciest. So far, my products of purchase include 2 thick blankets (much to my disappointment, the nights here are freezing), a very touristy Tijuana baseball cap, a pair of sunglasses, and coconut macaroons that I can't wait to try.

Today, we made a visit to the border-line, where lots of graffiti art work was written on the wall, such as "God knows no borders," and "What's more important, money or people?" This really made me think about the work that immigrants are willing to do in jobs that no American would ever consider. I'm very glad we went.

I also realized something- I had been to the same beach before, but on the San Diego side in a poshy hotel area. Seeing the drastic change just one borderline over was very eye opening.

We leave for a fiesta to celebrate Raquel's birthday in just a few minutes, I can't wait!

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