Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday morning

Hi,  this is Gail Klise, I am a first time volunteer.  I was inspired to join the group on this trip because of my daughter Heidi and her friend Jill and some of the other folks at Trinity Church. The girls have each been here four or five times.  The conversations after each trip was at first surprising to me... these high school girls at the time LIKED to dig in the piles of sand and haul buckets of cement.  There is a secret in this experience that should be captured and even required for all young people.  The phrase we have always heard:  " it is better to give than to receive" is put into practice every day and every moment at Esperanza.  Even the bonding between volunteers who have just met each other is very apparent, even on this morning of our fourth day.  After hearing more and more stories of the very positive experiences every volunteer has had and their desire to come back, I finally decided it was time to try it out for myself.  In fact I was becoming a bit envious of the people who have put themselves into this serving role. I am a retired mom looking for purpose. 

Our first day was an easy step into 'how the worksite works'.  Heidi is the current long term volunteer and I was fortunate to watch her in action.  When she called out that there was a new task for two or three we would listen for instructions.  The next generation is stepping into leadership roles, taking control and using their energy to help others.  It really is a wonderful world. 

The actual construction site is interesting -- in America we have Habitat for Humanity which I assume is similar.  Everyone gets a wrench or a hammer or is asked to dig or haul buckets.  Most all of the jobs are a first time experience and learning to do it correctly is more important than becoming dirty....... off to the worksite we go for more .

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