Sunday, March 10, 2013

We made it part 2

This is Phil Starr again - to finish my post from yesterday . . . .

I forgot to mention that we had the first of many "circles" yesterday shortly after we go to the Posada.  We normally circle the group at least once per day to discuss logistics, reflect on the day and talk about our schedule.

A few of us went back to the border to pick up Jackie, Caren, Jill and Jourden.  (Thank you Ryan Schroer for being our guide)  I will let them talk about what it was like to ride the bus and trolley down and walk across.  Evidently they had to switch the trolley at least once. 

Jackie was very happy to see our group after flying from Akron / Detroit / Baltimore / Chicago to San Diego!!!  Welcome to Tijuana!!!

We got back to the Posada and all drove down to Rosarido - approximately 30 minutes away.  We had to wait about 30 minutes to get into El Nido's restaurant in Rosarido.  That gave us enough time to some quick shopping for blankets. 

Driving in Tijuana is interesting - it is similar to driving in larger cities - but sometimes the road conditions are not quite as good as we have.  There are many more pot holes and ribbed roads.  The good thing over the years the roads have become a lot better.  More are paved.  We drive two white 15 passenger Ford vans.

Dinner was great - we sat at four tables inside a rain forest themed room.  Service was great and our table was fortunate enough to sit near a fire pit.

After dinner we drove back to the Posada and everyone went to bed.  I think we got back here about 9:30 Mexico time - (which was 12:30 wooster time) - meaning for all of us it was a long day. 

As I write this it is a little after 7:00 am (remember they did the spring forward time change) - I was able to watch daybreak arrive.  Unfortunately my body is still on Wooster time.  We can hear the roosters crow and dogs bark.  Anyway - we will write more soon  - it is time for more coffee....

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