Saturday, March 9, 2013

We made it! Saturday afternoon 3/9/13

Hi - this is Phil Starr, a member of Trinity United Church of Christ - this is our ninth trip down to Tijuana.  We arrived at the Posada at about 2:30 pm.  We had good flights - both from Clev to Chicago and Chicago to San Diego.  It is a great experience travelling with a large group all wearing trip t-shirts, heating out on a mission trip.  A bunch of people asked us about the trip from the TSA staff to the flight attendants. 

One of our members Jackie had a flight cancelled out of Akron/Canton - and additional delays today - so she arrived 4 hours after our group.  Once we found this out - three of our group, Caren, Jill and Jourden stayed back to wait on Jackie.  As I type this they are in the process of taking a bus and trolley to the border where they will walk across and we will meet up with them. 

The weather today is sunny - but a bit cloudy and about 60 degrees.  Quite a difference between Ohio weather.  Crossing the border in the van was different this year.  There were a few more turns to get to the crossing - and there was a new official border crossing.  It was a lot larger than the previous one.  Both of our vans were stopped side by side so the border agent to "check us out."  They asked Kevan I a few questions - looked at our passports and opened up the engines.  Then we were on our way.

The Tijuana country side has not changed too much since last year.  It is quite a contrast between San Diego - hard to believe that in such a short time period the countryside changes so quickly.  There was quite a bit of mud yet on some of the roads as they had quite a bit of rain yesterday. 

As we entered the Posada we were happily greeted by Heidi, Rena, Joyce and Steve!  We were all very happy to be here.

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